Iannini Iannini

Family is number one, say all the families born with the Italian blood coursing through their veins!

And, of course, nothing holds truer than for the Iannini family: Italian from head to toe, through and through! It’s all a matter of genetics; and that is demonstrated nowhere better than in their delicious recipes; their knowledge and experience stretching over half a century!

For more than 40 years, the wonderful South of Italy and, spectacular Tuscany, have been witness to the growth of the founding family brand. During this time, the Iannini family have continued to perform the elegant art of Italian ice-cream and cake making, known worldwide. But, to this day, the true secrets at the heart of their trade are kept clothed in mystery.

The Ianninis, you understand, are more than a family business, much more! They are a dynasty of fine cake and ice-cream makers who know their profession inside out; and demonstrate sensitivity and class in every word of every recipe.

Maratea, their beautiful place of birth, was lucky enough to witness how they took their first steps into uniting the words of fruit and sweetness, tradition and innovation in their art.

A while later the picturesque region of Tuscany was to witness how they went on to improve their recipes with the unfolding of the years.
Then, after conquering Italy, Lorenzo, master cake and ice-cream maker and head of the family, took a trip to Mallorca; together with Titina, the heart of the Iannini family, Luca and Matteo, heirs of the family secrets: to conquer another corner of Mediterranean!

As it’s said: Iannini Gelati isn’t by any means just another’ Italian ice-cream: it’s the REAL THING!

Today the Iannini shops offer an irresistible fresh and authentic flavour of artisan ice-cream, together with sweet treats, in the shape of biscuits, cakes and other delicacies spirited from their hearts and souls.

What more, they can also tempt you to a delicious Espresso Cutelli, a top-quality coffee that comes directly from Salerno in the South of Italy. Really, no stone is left unturned! (All the ice-creams and biscuits are suitable for celiac and are gluten free, and are produced for the most discerning palate.

In getting to know the Ianninis we need to take this into consideration:

- Eating Iannini ice-cream is a gorgeous experience, exquisite from the first spoonful of the last, you are sure to finish wanting more!

- Craftsmanship, for them, means producing fabulous ice-cream each and every day, always guaranteeing top quality freshness and ingredients and creating the delicate balance between texture, flavour and quality.

The Iannini signature ice-cream is light and sinfully delicious. It’s healthy, delicate and surprising and every one of their customers, past, present and future will give any excuse to get their hands on some more! What more could you possibly want!?