Iannini Iannini

In order to know the origin of the Caffettería de Los Iannini , it is necessary to go back in time, go back more than 80 years and travel to the Italy of the early twentieth century where the Iannini already showed their art among kitchens and stoves.

Iannini Antica Pasticceria is where we find our roots, our tradition and the answer to questions that we continue to ask today.

Lorenzo has been applying the family récipe for 50 years. His success, apart from his expertise and experience, lies in the love, respect and affection he applies to each and every one of his creations.

Croissants, brioches, focaccias and artisan pizzas. Varied breakfasts, our Mallorcan almond dolci and the gatós where Lorenzo combines tradition and learning.

Caffettería de Los Iannini will delight the palates of the most gourmands and foodies.